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Child Care Rates

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments are accepted. Please fill out the quote request form or contact me to receive a quote.

Toddler Meals and Snacks

As part of the regular tuition, lunch and two snacks (morning and afternoon) are served each day.

In accordance with the USDA MyPlate guidelines, meals and snacks are comprised of components from each of the vital food groups. Lunch components will consist of protein, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk. Morning and afternoon snacks will consist of two food components such as an apple with milk.

Food portions are kept small and seconds are offered so children are not overwhelmed. Only white milk and water are served as beverages. Children are taught the importance of good nutrition and they will be encouraged but not forced to eat all food served.

Infant Meals

As part of the regular tuition, infant cereal and baby food is provided. Parents are responsible for providing breast milk or infant formula.

Reserving an Opening For the Future

If you are ready to enroll within the next month, please contact me or request a quote to get started!

If you are planning for an enrollment date further than one month away and would like to reserve an opening for your child, we can accommodate your needs.

Openings that must be reserved for more than one month can be held with a monthly reservation fee.  Please contact me more details if you require this option.